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It also provides prompts and messages to help youireport according to EPA instructions.

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The information contained in Form R con- stitutes a "report," and the submission of a report to the appropriate authorities constitutes "reporting. Ken Fenner, Region V, also raised several implementation issues in a memorandum dated September 11, In addition, all information which was relevant to only the first year of reporting pollution prevention data ele- ments has been removed.

The de minimis exemption does not apply to: Please report bugs specific to modules such as PHP and others to respective packages, not to the web server itself.

The chosen garden will also require an outside contractor to do the weekly maintenance. Generic Chemical Name Important: The profitability of the Big Spring refinery should be supported in the third quarter by widening differentials for Midland-priced crude oil.

Remove this form and produce as many photocopies as needed. A preliminary report on the evaluation of the data is expected in the near future, at which time it will be distributed to the Regions and States.

Your company receives a prepared mixture of resin and chopped fiber to be used in the injection molding of plastic products. The number designations of the parts and sections of these instructions correspond to those in Form R unless otherwise indicated. Using this information, the specific concentration is estimated to be 90 percent i.

EPA considers dusts to consist of solid particles generated by any mechanical processing of materials including crushing, grinding, rapid impact, handling, detonation, and decrepitation of organic and inorganic materials such as rock, ore, and metal. Re- lated guidance documents may be obtained from: WET could have been a reason to initially list a water or a facility.

Dividing the 20, hours by 2, yields 10 full-time employees. The new regulations at 40 CFR An article is defined as a manufactured item that is formed to a specific shape or design during manufacture, that has end-use functions dependent in whole or in part upon its shape or design during end-use, and that does not release a toxic chemical under normal conditions of the process- ing or otherwise use of that item at the facility.

In some cases, this strategy reiterates statutory or regulatory requirements, and cites to the relevant statutory or regulatory provisions. Enter only one number exactly as it appears on the Section list.

This is different to previous releases which provides better security out of the box. The attached strategy summarizes specific requirements for permits developed under Section 1 as well as for those permits issued under authorities other than Section 1.

If the processing or otherwise use of similar articles results in a total release of less than 0. Thus, the statement in the preamble to the section 1 regulations 52 that section 1 gives EPA the authority to reopen an NPDES permit needs clarification.

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Specifically listed toxic chemicals are subject to their own, individual threshold determination. I Full-Time Employee Determination A "full-time employee," for purposes of section re- porting, is defined as 2, work hours per year. D e Minimis Exemption. See also Section B.

Possible information sources include purchase records, inventory data, and calculations by a process engineer. Certain listed toxic chemicals maybe manufactured as a result of wastewater treatment or other treatment processes. If your information does not fill all the spaces provided for a type of information, enter NA, in the next blank space 8001 w14 in 23 the sequence.

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8001 w14 in 23
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